13th March 2015

SmartLine is still ‘Simply the Best’!

Many charging trolleys for laptops have flooded the market since LapSafe® launched the first one back in 2000. However, there is one very important and patented part of the LapSafe® range that still sets us head and shoulders above other trolley manufactures.

Available in many of our product ranges, our patented SmartLine™ with PowaSave™ features unique, ultra-safe and low voltage built-in charging cables specific to the make and model of laptop, Chromebook or netbook, eliminating the need for AC adaptors.

Having this already set up in your trolley when it is delivered to you saves a huge amount of set up time and completely eliminates the ‘messy wires’ problem that seems to reside most charging trolleys these days. They all look great in brochures but not so great in the real world!

The highly intelligent SmartLine™ charging system incorporates PowaSave™ as standard. Which means that when the devices inside are fully charged, PowaSave™ automatically turns off its internal power supplies rather than dissipating wasted electric as heat. Charging is automatically reinstated when required by the devices. This feature alone will recover the cost of the cabinet in a short space of time in saved electricity.

Power management comes as STANDARD in all LapSafe® products. Safety of users and devices is our paramount concern. All laptops are charged simultaneously in the fastest possible time, there is no time wasted with sequenced charging.

Please take a moment to read the recently revisited Bolton College case study; see how this patented technology is still standing the test of time in 2015.

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