14th October 2015

Revolutionising University Libraries

Libraries have always been important to children and adults alike. Today, we are in the midst of a tremendous shift in the way we consume literature and find information. However, the one thing that hasn’t changed is that libraries continue to play a central role in providing open and free access to information and resources for everyone. Whether the library is public or belongs to a university, the importance remains the same. But how has the technology changed over the years?

Visiting the library in the 1970’s meant entering a quiet and sometimes odd and damp smelling environment. There was often a lady stood behind a desk holding a book stamp, while glaring at you through heavy rimmed glasses daring you to speak or make the slightest noise.

Back then you could only use the library to borrow books, cassette tapes and if you needed to do some research; you were required to spend hours sitting behind a specialist machine searching through reams of microfilm. Nowadays, libraries have been turned into modern learning and information centres. Although their role as a physical location for cataloging and loaning books is still an important one, you are now able to access information technology, use free Wi-Fi and some universities are now loaning tablets and laptops for public use.

LapSafe® has been working with many universities, libraries and businesses around the world installing our Diplomat™ LMS Range of self-service charging lockers. The Diplomat™ LMS securely stores and safely charges laptops, netbooks or tablets in individual user bays linking to most Library Management Software allowing devices to be loaned to borrowers with no staff interaction. The Diplomat™ LMS is the first and most sophisticated intelligent smart locker system in the market today and can loan devices or locker 24 x 7 x 365.

Kings College London have six LapSafe® Diplomat™ LMS units located at different libraries across the campus and all the units are linked to their Library Management System (LMS), the staff have found it to be extremely successful and helps to utilise their students university experience. Please find their case study here.

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