20th March 2015

Lock and Go!

Back in January at the Bett Show, we launched our new Diplomat™ PIN lockers. A few months down the line, our successful keyless locker is proving it is more than worthy of wearing the LapSafe® badge. So what can you expect from our outstanding new product?

User’s devices such as laptops, netbooks, Chromebooks and tablets including iPads can be stored and charged in individual lockers. With a miniPad™ fitted to each locker, the Diplomat™ PIN offers a host of functionality that makes it perfectly suited for all education establishments and corporate business. Loan out devices with self-service or provide charging space for BYOD. It couldn’t be simpler.

miniPad™ is a keyless and simple lock that does not require connection to your IT system and it is unaffected by power outages. It is perfect for lockers operated by single dedicated users, or areas where multiple users can use the same locker – to operate you simply type your code into the keypad.

At many of the exhibitions and conferences that we attend the Diplomat™ PIN is often available for demonstrations. Many visitors to our stands are also offered the chance to see how simple and easy to use the product is by getting to charge their own devices.

Here are just a few of the outstanding functionality qualities that the Diplomat™ PIN offers:

  • Simple intuitive keypad operation
  • Single or multi-user mode
  • Over 10 billion code variations
  • Supports device loan and BYOD all in one system
  • Low voltage, USB and mains charging as required

For more information about the Diplomat™ PIN and how to find out about requesting a FREE on-site demonstration please visit: http://www.lapsafe.com/products/fixed-charging/diplomat/pin

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