4th November 2015

LapSafe® and Bespoke Solutions

LapSafe® products are the experts in managing smart technologies. However, did you know that as well as manufacturing safe and secure charging trolleys, cabinets and lockers, we can also offer tailor-made or bespoke solutions?

We don’t often brag about the problems that we have overcome for our customers, or the way in which we have adapted our power management to fit specific customer requirements. However, with more and more smart devices being used on mass within different sectors, we are constantly being asked for bespoke solutions.

With this in mind, this blog shares some of them with you.

A division of the emergency services required small charging lockers for their PDA’s, Bluetooth printers, head cams, airwave radios and other wearable chargeable devices. LapSafe® provided bespoke sets of mains and USB charging lockers in multiple locations across the UK, the lockers accommodated each item within secure individual locking bays to insure safe storage, optimum charging and made the devices readily available to their users.

Over the years we have worked with numerous aviation companies including Airbus, who approached LapSafe® products asking for bespoke solutions. After discussions with Airbus over their unique requirements for lockers based around our Diplomat™ range, LapSafe’ s development team designed and built two specific types of Diplomat lockers. One of the lockers was built to provide charging for 15 ruggedised laptops, with spare batteries for each laptop and their chargers in individual locking bays. The other locker was built to house 8 ruggedised laptops, spare batteries, chargers and handheld PDA’s. All lockers were secured with an RFID electronic locker system, controlled by a central server to ensure that only the correct members of staff can access the equipment on the shop floor. Working with our partner, we integrated the electronic locking into the IT structure of Airbus in a seamless process.

These are only a few of the projects that we have completed over the years and even now our development team have several exciting projects on the go.

We have our own dedicated design and development team with years of experience within the fields of mechanics, electrical engineering and security. So, if we don’t have readymade solutions to fit your needs then don’t be afraid to ask for something out of the norm.

Call us now to discuss your bespoke project on 0800 130 3456 or visit our website – www.lapsafe.com to see our standard range of products and access our case studies.

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