26th February 2014

#Jargonbusting What does ‘efficient charging mean’?

Welcome to the second post in our latest round of laptop trolley jargon busting articles, aiming to take some of the confusion out of picking a solution to charge your laptops, netbooks and tablets. Today, we’re putting some clarity in to the term “efficient charging system”, looking at what manufacturers really mean when they claim that their laptop trolleys charge your laptops economically.

When we created the first ever laptop trolley more than 12 years ago, our main priority was to ensure that we managed power efficiently and safely. It’s the same today, and always will be. The way we charge laptops has been efficient since day one. We have always charged devices simultaneously – that’s all 30, possibly 60, devices charging at once in the quickest possible time. We do this in all of our laptop trolleys, lockers and cabinets without tripping fuses or overloading circuits because all of our solutions feature load protection, soft-start and surge protection as STANDARD (plus a whole lot more). We never compromise on safety, and never will. When some other manufacturers use the term “efficient charging system”, they’re describing a system that charges groups of laptops, rather than all devices at the same time. They send power to the laptops that are in most need of charge, rather than charging devices simultaneously, meaning that it could take a long time for any of the laptops to reach their full charge.

By charging laptops all at the same time, devices charging in LapSafe® solutions are ready to be used in the fastest possible time. Our SmartLine™ solutions, those laptop trolleys and lockers that charge devices without their AC adaptors using low voltage ultra-safe integrated charging, also feature our unique PowaSave™ technology. Developed in 2010, PowaSave™ is designed to provide massive power savings over ‘duration charging’ of laptops and netbooks, by sensing when laptops are fully charged and no longer require power. This highly intelligent system will then stop sending unnecessary power to those laptops – no timers, no switches, just pretty nifty technology that charges laptops simultaneously, but recognises that some laptops will reach their full charge quicker than others. PowaSave™ saves both energy and battery life, and there is no other system like it on the market. We’ll be back tomorrow to set some more records straight.

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