21st July 2015

Is your Laptop/Tablet Trolley cool enough?

Are you spending a well-earned budget for the purchase of a laptop or tablet trolley? If so, make sure that not only are the units you purchase secure and charge your devices safely, but make sure the unit stays cool and regulates the temperature the whole year round.

The LapSafe Mentor trolley offers the ultimate in safe storage, charging, updating and synchronisation of laptops, Chromebooks, tablets and netbooks. One of its most important features of the Mentor is its advanced ventilation system. It consists of two thermostatically controlled fans, meaning they will only run when needed to provide the optimum charging temperature. This ensures that laptops don’t overheat, especially when data transfer function is being used. It’s extremely important for laptops to be well ventilated as the heat dispersed when laptops are confined in an enclosed space can be immense. Because the fans only run when necessary, it’s greener than other products fitted with fans continuously running.

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