8th April 2015

Get past the confusion: what the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) really means!

Recently when I have attended conferences or exhibitions, I have been hearing about and have been expected to understand the confusion of the ‘Internet of Things’. So upon further inspection I was surprised to see that the IOT doesn’t necessarily involve the internet, and sometimes things aren’t actually on it either!

IoT (Internet of Things) simply means:

‘An environment that gathers information from multiple devices like computers, vehicles, smartphones or almost anything with a sensor, and an application from a social media app like Twitter to an e-commerce platform, or from a manufacturing system to a traffic control system.’ So basically, you need data and a means to access it.

The smartphone revolutionized personal computing, creating a computer that most of us have access to 24 hours a day. The Internet of Things promises to revolutionize computing again by connecting and collecting data from everything we live in, drive in, eat in, sleep in and work in.<span></span>

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