18th February 2015

Benefits of working with specialist ICT procurement organisations

In many schools across the UK, school or business managers have the responsibility for all the purchasing decisions; whether it is items of stationery furniture, insurance or energy services. Before every purchase is made many factors need to be considered not only in relation to price, delivery and quality, but also to ensure the services are fully compliant with procurement rules and regulations. Altogether, schools spend around £9.2 billion in areas other than staffing and are always looking for ways to maximise finances. With many schools feeling the need to squeeze as much as they can from their budgets, they are turning to buying organisations that specialise in helping schools achieve the best value for goods and services. As a result of using this channel they can feel confident that their goods are fully compliant, fit for purpose and that they can rest assured they have extracted the best out of their budget.LapSafe® are delighted to have partnered over 400 of these types of organiastions working with schools to navigate their way through the procurement process for the last 14 years. Our own ethos is that customers need the timely and competent advice of these specialist business partners on a wider front than just the sale of the products themselves. For example, systems integration and networking are all part of the “solution sale” which is often the scenario for LapSafe®. We therefore encourage the many direct customer enquiries we get back through our business partner channel. If you are an education establishment and would like more information on the business partners we work with in your area then contact usIf you are interested in becoming a reseller then visit our dedicated BP reseller page http://www.lapsafe.com/contact-us

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