21st April 2015

6 Free iPad business apps you may not be using!

This week I have been shown these 6 great FREE Apps for iPad. You may have already heard of them, but in case just like me you tend stick to your same old ones and you would like to take a look here are the details.

Cubby (beta)

Free on iTunes

This app offers both the flexibility of letting you designate any folder on your system for syncing, while eliminating confusion that approach introduces in other products. Its Direct Sync capability sets it apart from most competitors, letting you sync unlimited data among your own computers.






Free on iTunes

The eFax iPad app makes it simple to send and receive faxes from your tablet, losing very little in the transition from desktop to mobile. A free account lets you receive (not send) a handful of faxes, but upgrading to a Plus or Pro account opens the door to faxing freedom.






Free on iTunes

itSeez3D transforms your iPad into a mobile 3D scanner. You can view the scans as rotatable 3D figures, upload them to a 3D model-sharing site, or email them to the company for conversion to a 3D-printable format. The app makes use of true 3D data, instead of combining a large number of 2D images to create a 3D scan as some other iPad apps do.


Free on iTunes

Fast, flexible, Penultimate is a first-rate handwriting app for the iPad that aims to replace your favorite pen with your index finger. The app features real-time presentation capabilities via VGA, wrist protection, unlimited notebooks, and plentiful sharing options.


Free on iTunes

Slideshark is a service that lets you upload a PowerPoint presentation from a computer to the Web and then showcase it from an iPad. The slides are well formatted, and you can even use AirPlay to sling them onto an even larger monitor


Free on iTunes

If you’re looking to learn or practice a language on an iPad, Duolingo is indisputably the way to go. The potentially major limitation will be whether Duolingo supports your language of choices, as the list remains tight. Fortunately, Duolingo does include many of the languages most studied by English speakers: Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese (Brazilian). It also has an English (American) learning program for speakers for those languages, except German. The app and program are both 100 percent free, and they still outshine practically every other language-learning app.

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