13th May 2015

10 reasons not to make a DIY storage and charging unit!

Recently we have seen an increase in online articles regarding ‘making your own iPad storage and charging facility’ using plastic boxes!

The thought of being able to ‘do it yourself’ is exciting; being able to make something out of simple house hold items and saving money is what each of us would have undertaken at some point over a bank holiday. However, should we be drawing the line at electrical appliances that could possibly over heat, ruin expensive devices or potentially injure someone?

When we are talking about the safety of our colleagues and especially of our children in schools, surely this is where we should draw the line. Sometimes in life only the right tools for the job will do. I’m sure if I look hard enough on the internet I could find someone showing me how to make a ‘perfectly safe’ parachute out of some string and a table cloth, but that doesn’t mean I would jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet with one, would you?

Below are 10 points that you really should be aware of. Make sure you think twice before even contemplating undertaking a project such as a building a DIY storage and charging facility/box.

1) No ventilation

2) Non-compliant with HSE guidelines

3) No formal testing under LDV or CE

4) No power management

5) No syncing

6) No electrical warnings for users

7) No certified materials used for flame resistance

8) Possible shock from residual voltage

9) No or little protection from dropping (i.e. plastic case used will smash)

10) No ergonomic handles for lifting

Only after reading these 10 important points and are a competent IT or electrical engineer, could you possibly think about undertaking such a project, at your own risk.

Over the last 14 years our dedicated and expert in-house Development Team have spent many hours to make sure our patented power management systems meet or exceed British Safety Standards and HSE guidelines. Safety comes as STANDARD with ALL of our storage and charging trolleys, cabinets or security solutions and each product is fully CE certified by independent or notified bodies.<span></span>

We hold ISO9001 certification and choose to work with partners of the same standard.

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