1st July 2014

Self-service Device Loans

<p>It’s come to that time of the year again when many publications begin to produce their university guides for 2015, whereby a huge part of the rating relies on student satisfaction.</p><p>But how can universities improve the student experience? What ways can they help boost their ranking in league tables, whilst offering potential new students a draw to apply to their university above the competition?</p><p>Offering self-service laptop/tablet loans in your library or learning spaces is a great way to present value-added extras to your students by giving them an important service to enable learning. With many university libraries now open 24/7, self-service lockers allow students to borrow devices at any time of day or night, whether staff are present or not.<span></span></p><p>The <a href=”http://www.lapsafe.com/products/fixed-charging/diplomat” target=”_blank”>Diplomat™ LMS</a> from LapSafe® Products offers self-service device loans which link in with your library’s existing Library Management System (LMS), allowing students to allocate device loans to their library account. This self-service locker is available from 12 to an unlimited number of bays (96 per terminal), offering a flexible solution for any university. A student simply needs to identify themselves at the locker terminal using either a MIFARE™, barcode or magnetic stripe card, or biometrics and the Diplomat™ LMS locker identifies to the student whether or not they are allowed to borrow a device.</p><p>Once identified, the student uses the 19” touchscreen at the locker terminal to agree to the establishment’s own terms and conditions. Once agreed, the student is allocated the best charged laptop or tablet available to borrow. They’ll be directed to the correct locker and bay number containing their allocated device and will simply need to re-identify themself at the locker to unlock the bay. This prevents the bay from unlocking and the student forgetting to collect the device, or being distracted.</p><p>So why not offer students at your university self-service device loans with the Diplomat™ LMS locker? Check out the <a href=”http://www.lapsafe.com/news/case-studies/” target=”_blank”>case studies</a> on our website of other universities currently using the intelligent lockers. Why not drop our friendly Sales Team a line at <a href=”mailto:sales@lapsafe.com”>sales@lapsafe.com</a> or call on 0800 130 3456 to find out more.</p>

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