21st March 2014

Q&A session on ‘Multi Tablet Chargers’ .

Due to the increase in iPad and tablet use within many different sectors, we have recently been inundated with interesting questions regarding what is the best way for iPad’s and tablets to be to stored and charged. So this week, I have enjoyed a Q&A session with the Business Development Director at LapSafe®, Mark Exley to ask him just that! Mark has a great wealth of market knowledge and wisdom that has been honed over the 10 years that he has been working for LapSafe® Products. With over 25 year experience within the product development, security and sales industries, he has an extensive wealth of knowledge.

Are multiple tablet chargers available for iPads and other devices such as Android and Windows? Yes. Systems for charging multiple devices are available in a number of formats, from trolleys/carts, desktop units to pull along highly mobile units. Most cater for 16 to 48 devices depending on the type of solution required. Any USB chargeable device is supported including devices that operate using Windows, Android and iOS.

If I need to sync and also charge all my devices at once is there an option for this? Yes. We offer systems for both charging only and charge and sync for smart technologies to suit the customers’ requirements. As with all LapSafe® products we provide both fixed and mobile solutions that include charge and sync.

How many tablets can I sync and charge at once? This varies on the device, operating system and tablet that you are syncing. In general our systems work in multiples of 16’s and we have charged and synchronised up to 48 devices at a time successfully. Are there any sync and charge solutions that can be used for secure storage also All of our products offer security in one form or another to protect the devices from prying eyes and theft. Levels of security and features depend on the product chosen; but all offer lockable storage solutions.

What if I need to go on a field trip with students, scouts, or work colleagues, is there a solution for this too? There is a perfect solution to this, at LapSafe® we offer the highly mobile Traveller™ Range of units that can store, secure, charge and sync up to 16 devices. We have an option within the range that is fully waterproof, dust proof and shock proof design; making it ideal for field trips or long haul execrations where devices are required in the ‘field’.

What makes the products that LapSafe® produce better than others on the market? Our ethos follows a simple rule; we want our customers to have the best products available to them and for them to last for many years. We put in huge amounts of effort and resources into developing our products with our dedicated engineers. We test all designs and products to the limit and ensure that they are externally tested by independent and notified bodies; all of our products are CE certified and meet all HSE standards and guidelines. We offer a lifetime warranty in the truest sense, as we believe in our products and the longevity they provide. We all know the saying ‘you buy cheap, you buy twice’; however we believe in ‘buy smart, you buy once’.

If you require more specific information on any of LapSafe® Products’ sync and charge solutions then please visit our website http://www.lapsafe.com or call 0800 130 3456 to chat to a member of the friendly and helpful Sales Team.

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