28th April 2014

How to tell the difference between quality products and cheap imitations.

<p>Like anything you buy, the more money you spend, the better quality materials and workmanship. For instance a good quality violin has an incredibly better sound than a cheap one which after a few uses it sounds more like a kazoo than a violin.</p><p>Storage and charging equipment for your IT is now sold in countless styles and designs. The choice is vast. Higher quality storage and charging equipment is often more durable in comparison to cheap plastic or wooden ones, and are also less prone to wear and tear.We are all aware of the saying ‘quality over quantity’, and if this wasn’t a valid statement then perhaps Steve Jobs would never have got Apple off of the ground and so many of us wouldn’t be aspiring to buy the latest Apple iPad or iPhone we would just be plumping for cheaper options.</p><p>So, how can you ensure that you pick a laptop, or iPad/tablet trolley cart or laptop locker that is built to last rather than a cheap quality product that you will need to replace time and time again as sometimes they all look the same in print!</p><p>The facts:-</p><p>The first ever laptop storage and charging trolley was developed in 2000 by LapSafe®, before this laptop trolleys did not exist. Since this time other companies have tried to imitate us, but none have been successful in providing the power management solution which makes our products unique. We now have over a decade’s worth of experience in managing mobile IT alone, more than any other manufacturer in the UK or abroad.</p><p>Safety is too important to be sold as an optional extra. The LapSafe® laptop trolleys and lockers feature load protection, soft start and surge protection AS STANDARD, and are fully CE compliant and are tested by an INDEPENDENT and NOTIFIED body, not simply self-certified like alternatives in the market.</p><p>STEEL trolleys and lockers are best and are built for durability and security. Can a plastic or wooden laptop trolley really keep laptops secure? LapSafe® products are produced from recycled steel and our Mentor™ laptop trolley is one of the strongest in the market with a fully welded chassis, enhanced door security and anti-jemmy plates.</p><p>SmartLine™ integrated charging really is smart. When you buy a SmartLine™ laptop trolley, we replicate the laptops’ charging cables, replacing AC adaptors with preconfigured charging cables, leaving you free to use your AC adaptors in class or at home.</p><p>When some other manufacturers use the term ‘integrated charging’, they are referring to a solution which hides the AC adaptors or clips them onto a shelf, rather than the built-in leads used in a LapSafe® product.</p><p>Very often a customer or a business partner will ask us why they should buy a LapSafe® product when a competitors’ offering seems ‘cheaper by comparison’. Our answer is simple; there is NO COMPARISON to a LapSafe®. We are still the UK’s expert in managing mobile computing and our products are safe, secure and built to last. If you need a quality, value for money solution that can be upgraded in the future and will last the test of time, there is no better return on investment than a LapSafe® product.</p><p>Take a look at some of our <a href=”http://www.lapsafe.com/news/case-studies/” target=”_blank”>case studies here</a>. Please feel free to contact us via our website<a href=”http://www.lapsafe.com/” target=”_blank”> LapSafe.com</a> or by phone if you would like to discuss any projects or questions that you may have. <span></span></p>

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