10th April 2014

Enhancing the university student's experience

<p>Students are constantly looking for ways to access resources such as laptop loans as and when they require them, whether it’s at 2pm in the afternoon, or 2am with a sudden flash of inspiration to finish that essay. The university that can offer students access to 24 hour mobile computing will be highly attractive to potential applicants. </p><p>So how can universities offer student access to laptop loans whenever they require them, without the need for a librarian or other member of staff present to issue them? Self-service laptop/tablet lockers such as the <a href=”http://www.lapsafe.com/products/fixed-charging/diplomat/">Diplomat™ LMS</a> can solve this problem, allowing students to self-issue laptops/tablets as and when they are required. This intelligent storage and charging locker links in with existing Library Management Systems using the Standard Interchange Protocol 2 (SIP2), to allow administrators to track and manage who has borrowed which device and issue fines if desired. Users simply need to identify themselves at the Diplomat™ LMS touch screen terminal using either a fingerprint scanner, a MiFare™ card, a barcode or magnetic stripe card, and the Library Management System is notified of the loan. Once students are allocated a device to loan from the central terminal, they must re-identify themselves at the locker bank. If they do not re-identify themselves within a certain timeframe, the device loan will be automatically cancelled, preventing another user from taking the laptop. Students can also use the laptop/device charging locker to view their library account balance and other loans and print receipts. With the Diplomat™ LMS self-service laptop charging locker, universities can offer a value added extra to cash-strapped students looking to get the best possible value from their university experience.</p><p>Read a casy study <a href=”http://www.lapsafe.com/news/case-studies/southport-college">here</a>; about how one university has sucessfully implemented the Diplomat™ LMS self-service laptop/device charging lockers.</p>

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