1st April 2014

Elsium Learning with iPad

<p>Over recent years, with the fast paced development of technology, we have seen mobile learning devices becoming a growing part of the classroom. Adapting to this, and learning the skills required for utilising this technology in teaching and learning, has been a focus point for many education providers. While some teachers may be reluctant to use mobile learning devices such as the iPad and other mobile learning technologies, there is a revolutionary change to education approaches that can not be ignored, and why would you want to?</p><p>Using iPad in the classroom changes the way that learning takes place, how individual learners find and build knowledge, and how they present their work. This is something that we as teachers at Elsium are hugely excited about. Learners now have the ability to discover new information, build on existing knowledge and evidence learning in a completely unique way to the individual, promoting engagement, inclusion and differentiation <a href=”http://elsium.co.uk/blog/” target=”_blank”>(see our Resource Centre for more info).</a> The device itself becomes transparent as learners build key skills forindependent learning and engage in a process of exploration and discovery, so that they not only enjoy learning, but also devise their own route through learning knowledge and facts, whilst developing wider skills that will support them throughout their school life and on into the world of work.</p><p>The Elsium Team have worked with hundreds of schools and institutes across the country and internationally to ensure the successful implementation of iPad into classroom practice. One school in particular that we have provided extensive support to is Ilkley Grammar School, with OFSTED providing specific comments in their latest inspection report regarding the way staff were meeting the demands of the lesson, whilst catering for the differences within each group by using iPad <a href=”http://elsium.co.uk/case-studies/ilkley-grammar-school/” target=”_blank”>(click here to read the full article)</a>. Differentiation for learning and improving inclusion is one way the iPad can be effectively used within the classroom.</p><p>As part of the support Elisum provided to Ilkley Grammar school we worked with some of the students to create an iPad band. This is now an aspect to our training that is becoming increasingly popular, with Apple requesting a performance to open their Yorkshire Education Tour last week <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_1ZRJVclLs” target=”_blank”>(click here to see an iPad band in action)</a>. The iPad band utilises the application Garageband to encourage students to become involved and enthusiastic for learning and performing music. The defining role the iPad plays in this project is to enable and encourage collaborative learning but also provides an opportunity for students with no previous musical background to transition from the back of the classroom to being involved with their musician counterparts; enabling an instant return as students feel more involved. The use of the iPad promotes an “I can play” approach to learning music as a subject, which in turn, inspires students to take up instruments which they previously would have been reluctant to try.</p><p>We have a range of experience at delivering training sessions across the curriculum at all levels and this is just one of the many projects that the Elsium Team have successfully implemented in an educational institute. If you wish to discuss how Elsium can work with you and your institute please contact us at:<br> <a href=”http://elsium.co.uk/” target=”_blank”>www.elsium.co.uk</a><br> <a href=”mailto:contact@elsium.co.uk”>contact@elsium.co.uk</a><br> 01302 796771</p><p><small><big>LapSafe® Products are very excited to be supporting <a href=”http://elsium.co.uk/” target=”_blank”>Elsium Solutions</a> by suppling the team with a </big></small><a href=”http://www.lapsafe.com/products/mobile-charging/traveller/” target=”_blank”>LapSafe® </a><small><big><a href=”http://www.lapsafe.com/products/mobile-charging/traveller/” target=”_blank”>Traveller™ for iPads</a>.</big></small></p><p>For more information on the Traveller™ range, visit <a href=”http://www.lapsafe.com/products/mobile-charging/traveller/” target=”_blank”>www.lapsafe.com</a></p>

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