17th October 2014

Chromebooks in the Classroom: Yes or No?

<p>Classrooms really have evolved the way they work. Google responded to this challenge with their very successful Chromebook. Boasting an impressive 8 second start up and a battery that lasts the whole day, the Chromebook may be the surge of energy the modern classroom has needed to provide access to the web at much faster speeds that traditional netbooks.<br></p><p>So what is the difference between the Chromebook and other competing tablets or netbooks in the market and which is it, a netbook or a tablet? </p><p>The Chromebook doesn’t have the complexity of a netbook or tablet, but features a physical keyboard, track pad and access to the Google App store. Simple to navigate, the Chromebook functions on the concept that if an individual knows how to use a web browser they will know how to use a Chromebook, without having to familiarise themselves with new software. Individual logins provide each user with their own cloud of applications and no work or data is stored on the Chromebook itself. Students can access their data when at home or wherever they have online access. The Chromebook has built-in security that defends against malware and viruses, ensuring the protection of data and can be set to block harmful, graphic or obscene website searches. Administrators can manage all settings through a web-based console, to update or change settings for an entire set of Chromebooks with just a few clicks. The feature rich Chromebook certainly competes as an ideal device for safe, interactive learning for all rivalling other top devices in the education environment today. </p><p><a href=”http://www.lapsafe.com/” target=”_blank”>LapSafe®</a>has also responded to the challenge of making sure classroom Chromebooks are kept secure, charged and ready to use by adding a range of <a href=”http://www.lapsafe.com/products/solutions-for/chromebooks” target=”_blank”>Chromebook storage and charging solutions.</a></p><p>For more information on storage and charging solutions for Chromebook and other devices visit <a href=”http://www.lapsafe.com/">www.lapsafe.com</a></p>;

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